Taking Action

Although the palm oil issue may seem a problem too big to tackle, there are many ways that you can domestically fight the destructive palm oil industry. Here are a few:

  • Boycott companies that use palm oil.

This may seem like a tiny step towards a solution. Yet if enough people around the globe boycott these companies, they may start to notice. Information about palm oil free products can be found in several different places online. Products Without Palm Oil provides a great resource for finding palm oil free options for many different categories of products, including shampoo, Halloween candy, and sunscreen.

  • Contact companies that use palm oil and tell them about the issue.

Again, if enough people alert these companies to the issue, they may change their ways. You can contact a company by using our Company Form Letter to send a motivating letter by mail or email. And even if palm oil is one of their essential ingredients, they can use a sustainable alternative, like algae or coconut oil.

  • Spread the word so that other people take action.

The previous two ideas require large amounts of people to participate. You can help form these crowds by spreading the word and informing consumers. The more people you tell, the more people spreading the word, and one person can alert millions in this fashion.

  • Visit more action-taking websites.

Please visit other websites and learn as much as you can about the palm oil issue. Some websites include Rainforest Action Network, Orangutan Foundation International, Rainforest Rescue, and Orangutan Outreach. In addition, some other websites include petitions and projects you can take part in to help the cause, like the Orangutan Nest Watch project on the Zooniverse.

  • Donate to the cause.

You can help save the rainforest even more by donating or shopping, right on this website! You can find cool grocery bags, mini orangutan sewing kits, and a link to donation right over on our Merchandise and Donations page.

  • Share resources.

Orangutan Gang Flyers– or our informative postcards, Orangutan Gang Halloween Handouts– are a simple way to spread the word throughout your community. Just click on the link above, print out several flyers or postcards, and hand them out to people who don’t yet know about the palm oil issue. This way, you can spread the word about the issue and ensure that even more people can help save the rainforest. We also have a Sustainability Sheet, with information about unsustainable products and palm oil free alternatives, and a well-developed lesson plan which you can share with your local school district. You can find more resources to share over on our Resources page.

Thank you for helping, and have a palm oil free day!

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