Other websites with more information about orangutans, the palm oil issue, and taking action include Orangutan Foundation International, Orangutan Outreach, Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Action Network, and the Orangutan Project. You can also help researchers track orangutan population density through the Orangutan Nest Watch project.

You can shop rainforest friendly using our Sustainability Sheet. Other great shopping resources include the PalmSmart app (which will tell you which products are unsustainable but unfortunately does not distinguish between RSPO-certified and palm oil free) and the Products Without Palm Oil website, which describes products of all different types that are palm oil free. You can also use Spoon Guru to quickly eliminate palm oil containing products in the grocery store, but it isn’t 100% accurate in terms of derivatives.

Would you like to watch young orangutans being rehabilitated and released into the wild? Orangutan Jungle School is a delightful TV series which follows the progress of orangutans of all ages on their path back to the wild through the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Center, the world’s largest facility for orangutan rehabilitation. Orangutan Jungle School is a hopeful peek into the education of young students preparing for a life in the wild.

If you’re interested in educating consumers about the palm oil issues, you can download and print our flyers or Halloween handout postcards and hand them out around your neighborhood. (The flyers work well on plain paper. The postcards can be used either on plain paper or on a perforated postcard template like Avery 5689.) You can also send a company information about the palm oil issue with our company contacting template.

If you’re a teacher looking to tell your students about the palm oil issue, you can use our middle school level lesson plan. If your students are part of a younger or older age group, check out the activity packets listed on the Orangutan Project website.

You can find the patterns and instructions for our mini orangutan kit here or on our Merchandise and Donations page. Old newsletters are available over on our newsletter page.

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Looking for more specific tips on choosing palm oil free food for special occasions? Check out our interactive infographics below.

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