ofiOrangutan Foundation International

The Orangutan Foundation International, or OFI, is an organization whose “core mission is the conservation of orangutans and the tropical rainforest that is their habitat.” OFI has a care center located in Pasir Panjang, a village in Central Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo, where it rehabilitates orphaned orangutans, teaches them to survive, and releases them into the wild.


zooZoo Boise

Throughout the Orangutan Gang’s development, Zoo Boise has been an extremely helpful organization, hosting us for information booths and becoming the first participating zoo in the Zoo Project. Zoo Boise also awarded our founder, Pangaea Finn, a behind-the-scenes tour of the penguins exhibit after she won the Zoo Boise Possibilities Contest.



Davidson Institute Young Scholars Ambassador Program

YSAP is a program developed to “foster learning and civic engagement through community service, volunteerism and leadership in highly motivated and mature Young Scholars.” It has helped our founder, Pangaea Finn, with many of the Orangutan Gang’s outreach programs.

       The Exciting Environmental

The Exciting Environmental is written and managed by Aris P, a passionate environmentalist and Young Scholar Ambassador. This newsletter, published every two months, provides a way for kids to get interested in environmentalism and have fun with it too!

jungle heroes logoJungleheroes

Jungleheroes is a successful nonprofit with a goal of helping save the orangutans and giving kids a chance to make a positive difference in the world. Jungleheroes was the inspiration for The Orangutan Gang when its founder, Emma Freedman, met Pangaea Finn and taught her about the palm oil issue.