Rainforest Resolutions

This New Year’s Day, we celebrate change and renewal. We’ve survived through a figurative winter much longer than these past few months, and now we can begin to rebuild. On a personal level, this may take the form of major resolutions, but the crisis we have experienced, and the dangers we continue to face, necessitate a stronger and more collaborative approach.

Our environment works as a system: ecology is driven not by individual, discrete phenomena, but by the interactions and cooperations between species. But when these processes are disrupted by wanton deforestation and palm oil monocrops, these same environmental and ecological interactions can drive complex and destructive consequences.

The palm oil industry is similar. The cause of these looming threats is deforestation, yes; but at its root that destruction is driven by a complex interaction between forestry companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers- consumers like us. While we pledge to spend more time with family, endangered species and valuable habitats continue to face insurmountable threats. While we resolve to get a gym membership, constant degradation of ancient rainforests sparks wildfires and pumps carbon into the atmosphere.

But our status as a key part of this system means we have power over its consequences. This year, resolve to use that power, and remind the system of what it’s tearing apart. Contact companies and encourage them to step up. Spread the word among your family and friends. Vote with your wallet, and relieve irresponsible companies of their dirty profits. And use your interactions to drive positive change.

So, as a planet, let’s make our resolution together. Let’s take better care of ourselves.

~Pangaea Finn
Founder and Director

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