Petition #1: Tell SSA to stop using undercertified palm oil in zoo eateries!

ssaService Systems Associates, or SSA, is a company which supplies food and retail services to large venues, zoos being major customers. SSA staffs several zoos involved with the palm oil issue, including Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which is devoted to the use of only RSPO-certified palm oil. But RSPO certification isn’t everything. RSPO-certified palm oil can’t be classified as 100% destruction free and sustainable. In fact, to quote Cheyenne Mountain Zoo itself:

“Not all companies are labeling their products as containing certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) for several reasons. First, their products do not necessarily contain 100% CSPO. While that is the goal within the RSPO, some companies are further along in their journey than others to source 100% CSPO.”

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There are some problems with RSPO certification, including the facts that certification is not pinpoint accurate and only primary and high-conservation-value areas of rainforest are protected. And yes, the RSPO is a step in the right direction, but companies can do better. Especially companies that cater at zoos where orangutans and other affected species reside.

Sign our petition and help us tell SSA to improve their certification and upgrade sustainability in zoos everywhere!