Merchandise and Donations


Reusable Grocery Bag

This cloth grocery bag is perfect for toting palm oil free items around the market! Several aliases for palm oil that show up on ingredients lists are printed on the bag for your quick comparison. The Orangutan Gang logo is prominently displayed so other shoppers can see your commitment to shopping sustainably. | Dimensions: 13″×10″×14.5″ | Text: Shop Rainforest Friendly! Shop for Sustainable Products with the RSPO Label Avoid: Palm Oil, Vitamin A Palmitate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Palm Kernel Oil, and Stearic Acid | The bag costs $5.00 and shipping and fees are $2.00.


Mini Orangutan Kit

This sewing kit includes all the supplies you need to make one mini orangutan (instructions below). Guaranteed to be adorable, the orangutan can be displayed prominently on a shelf or mantle to smile at passersby. The kit costs $3.00 and shipping and fees are $1.50.


Instructions for the mini orangutan can be found here. The mini orangutan gallery can be found below. All proceeds from sales are donated to the Orangutan Foundation International, a conservationist group focused on rescuing hundreds of orphaned orangutans, teaching them how to survive, and releasing them into the wild as young adults.


Please click here to donate. All proceeds from donations likewise go to the Orangutan Foundation International.

orangutan donation meter- $300