LEAF presentation & Holiday Dinner Considerations

Earlier this month, I hosted a presentation for Learning About Forests, or LEAF (a program of the Foundation for Environmental Education). Along with my usual information about orangutans, palm oil, and how to become a conservationist, I went over the palm oil lesson plan which I designed earlier this year, describing the details of the lesson plan to this community of educators. You can watch the video of this speech below.

In addition, I’d like to thank Nicole Andreou of LEAF, a fellow North American Association for Environmental Education 30 under 30, for offering me this opportunity to share my lesson plan with the LEAF educators network.

If you’re just now getting ready to put together your holiday dinner, I also thought I’d include our holiday infographic. Check out our helpful tips to make sure you’re staying palm oil free for the holidays:

Enjoy the presentation, keep your holiday dinner sustainable, and check back for further updates!

Thank you for saving the rainforest today.

~Pangaea Finn
Founder, The Orangutan Gang

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