Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Did you know that your Thanksgiving dinner this year could be hiding palm oil derivatives and rainforest destruction? Many common Thanksgiving dishes contain different types of palm oil derivatives and unsustainable ingredients, even if you’re planning on making them yourself. But you can help save the rainforest this year during your last-minute Thanksgiving shopping by checking the ingredients on anything you buy. Our interactive infographic below will help you by suggesting specific ingredients and products to watch for.

thanksgiving infographic background
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Happy Thanksgiving, and have a sustainable day!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

Boo at the Zoo

The Orangutan Gang visited Zoo Boise yesterday to host an info station at Boo at the Zoo! Founder Pangaea Finn educated consumers about the palm oil issue and sustainable Halloween candy options. Boo at the Zoo is the most popular zoo event year-round and hosts thousands of visitors in costume.

boo 2019 1
Photo credit Sean Finn

Many different kinds of Halloween candy contain unsustainable, rainforest-destroying palm oil, including popular choices like Kit Kat and Snickers. If you’re planning to hand out Halloween candy his year, you can help save the rainforest by choosing and handing out sustainable, palm oil free candies like Crunch and chocolate M&M’s. You can also learn more about sustainable versus unsustainable Halloween candy on the Products Without Palm Oil website or through our newest Halloween infographic below.

halloween infographic background
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Thank you for saving the rainforest and have a green Halloween!

boo 2019 2
Photo credit Sean Finn

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

Adams Elementary

Last Friday, I was able to visit and present to a small group of interested fourth graders about the palm oil issue, with an emphasis on Halloween candy. The presentation was a success and many of the students seemed motivated by the palm oil issue, raising their hands to ask questions and seek more information about what foods contained palm oil. The Adams class was alarmed by the destruction of rainforest and shocked at the sheer amount of different types of food that contained palm oil.

Photo Credit: Amy P

If you’re interested in hosting me to present in your classroom in person or over Skype, please contact me. I am always glad to have an opportunity to spread the word to the next generation of changemakers.

Thank you to the Adams class and to the teachers and parents who made my presentation possible!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director


We are proud to announce that the Orangutan Gang turns six years old today! Our online platform provides a great resource for consumers to learn about the palm oil issue and how you can help save the rainforest. We began in October 2013 when founder Pangaea Finn, just eight years old at the time, decided to help raise awareness about palm oil and rainforest destruction. Since then, we have grown, branched out, and motivated many others to change their ways. Which brings us to our second milestone: we recently reached 75 members!

Although 75 is an impressive number, we are hoping to gain even more members. You can join the cause today by filling out the short sign-up form on our Join Us page. You can also help by signing our petition, where we recently gained 50 signatures. Help us reach 100 of each by the end of the year!

Thank you for being supportive of this organization and for your contributions to saving the rainforest. If you aren’t already involved and would like to learn more, you can start by reading up on the palm oil issue.

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director