Earth-Friendly Easter

Easter is coming up, and you may be preparing for egg hunts and chocolate bunnies through last-minute trips to the market and endless minutes of egg decorating. But did you know that that bag of chocolate eggs or that box of jelly beans could be hiding deforestation and habitat loss? Make sure to check the labels before you make any choices on your next trip to the market. In fact, Easter is even worse for the rainforest than Halloween, so make candy choices carefully. Go palm oil free this Easter to help save the rainforest!

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~The Orangutan Gang

Upcoming Events!

We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to announce several upcoming events and talks that we will be hosting over the next few months. Please spread the word about these events so that more people can learn about how to save the rainforest.

zoo-boise-logo-e1531080247464.pngPangaea F, our founder, will be giving a Wildlife Conservation Series talk at Zoo Boise on Tuesday, May 21 at 6:00 pm Mountain Standard Time. This talk, entitled “Choosing Orangutans Over Oreos”, is directed toward adults looking to learn more about orangutans and the palm oil issue.

athenasPangaea will also be hosting a Junior Presenter Seminar Series talk at Athena’s Advanced Academy on Monday, May 20 at 6:00 pm MST. Athena’s is an online school for gifted youth, and this talk is directed towards the Athena’s population. Registration will be available soon at this link!

davidsonIn addition, Pangaea will be hosting a merchandise booth at the Davidson Young Scholars Summit. At this booth, she will be selling Mini Orangutan Kits and grocery bags, also available online on our Merchandise page. She will be giving a short talk during the Ambassador Seminars.

She will also be giving a talk at Zoo Boise’s Conservation Crew summer camp on August 14 at 3:00 pm MST, directed toward kids 7-12 years old. You can register for this camp soon on the Zoo Boise website.

Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~The Orangutan Gang

Newsletter 2019.1

We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to announce that we have published our first newsletter, Issue 2019.1! This newsletter contains information about spreading the word, a few regular features, the latest news, and an exclusive interview with RAN‘s Forest Campaigner, Chelsea Matthews. To sign up to receive our newsletter, please check out our Newsletter page; to read this issue, click here!

~The Orangutan Gang


We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to announce that we have created a Petitions page! We will have various petitions up on this page, and each petition will change once we fill up our meter. This petition is focused on Service Systems Associates and how they could improve their accreditation. Help us save the rainforest and sign our petition here!

~The Orangutan Gang