Victory against PepsiCo!

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Today, Rainforest Action Network announced a victory against snack food giant PepsiCo. After six years of campaigning- including investigations into PepsiCo’s palm oil suppliers and many letters and petitions sent to the company- PepsiCo finally announced a new, far-reaching palm oil policy which will not only look to eliminate destruction and human rights abuses from their products but will also pressure their suppliers to do the same.

RAN’s campaign against PepsiCo began over six years ago when they began targeting the “Snack Food 20“- twenty major snack companies- to begin changing their palm oil policies. PepsiCo quickly emerged as a Conflict Palm Oil laggard- its policies were insufficient, and it wasn’t making a commitment to source palm oil responsibly. After pressure from RAN- and from people like you- PepsiCo announced their current policy, paving the way for other companies to follow.

But even though PepsiCo has moved on this issue, there’s still work left to do. Other companies need to take action and end the palm oil issue. What PepsiCo has shown us is that our voice does matter, and we can make a difference. So go out there and use that voice to make a difference!

~The Orangutan Gang

New Year’s Resolutions: 6 Simple Steps Towards Sustainability

Happy New Year! Despite the change of date the palm oil issue is just as much of an issue- and that’s why the Orangutan Gang encourages you to make some New Year’s resolutions and maximize your impact.

  • Check milk labels. Some types of skim and lowfat milk actually contain palm oil, in the form of Vitamin A Palmitate. You can avoid this by buying whole milk or finding a sustainable brand.
  • Find palm oil free crackers. The popular brand Ritz Crackers actually uses palm oil in their products; finding a brand without palm oil is as easy as checking a label.
  • Switch to sustainable soap. Finding a brand of palm oil free soap can be surprisingly difficult; the best across-the-board option seems to be Hand In Hand. But if you can’t find Hand In Hand near you, you might want to start searching for a different brand, such as JD Bauer Botanicals on Etsy. You can also look for a local brand. In Boise, one such brand is Our Planet Soap.
  • Use green toothpaste. Earthpaste and Davids are two types of sustainable toothpaste among a sea of palm oil-containing brands.
  • Download a scanner app. The free PalmSmart app will allow you to tell which products are unsustainable. It doesn’t make a distinction between RSPO-certified products and those which are actually palm oil free, but it will allow you to filter out the worst products.
  • Share these resolutions! You can spread the word, encouraging others to take action and help save the rainforest.

Happy New Year, and have a sustainable day!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

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Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Did you know that your Thanksgiving dinner this year could be hiding palm oil derivatives and rainforest destruction? Many common Thanksgiving dishes contain different types of palm oil derivatives and unsustainable ingredients, even if you’re planning on making them yourself. But you can help save the rainforest this year during your last-minute Thanksgiving shopping by checking the ingredients on anything you buy. Our interactive infographic below will help you by suggesting specific ingredients and products to watch for.

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Happy Thanksgiving, and have a sustainable day!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director