Living Palm Oil Free

Is your cupboard palm oil free and orangutan safe? After all, 50% of the packaged products you’ll see in the grocery store contain unsustainable palm oil or palm oil derivatives, so living palm oil free is understandably difficult. But we have a solution that will help you out on boycotting unsustainable goods, as palm oil has dozens of aliases that would make shopping around it extremely difficult.

The Orangutan Gang’s Sustainability Sheet has information about some common unsustainable products, what aliases to look for, and what brands are sustainable; it will become your regular tool in the grocery store. Thank you for saving the rainforest today, and have a palm oil free day!

~The Orangutan Gang

9 thoughts on “Living Palm Oil Free

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  2. Hi, Sam! Palm-oil containing products are very common and I’d love to tell you some of the most popular! Unfortunately, Oreo, Ritz, Mars, most milk, and Pantene all contain palm oil. More palm oil containing products and alternatives can be found in the video included in one of my posts previous to the research paper. A list of products containing palm oil can also be found on our Living Palm Oil Free page. You can also determine what store products contain palm oil by scanning bar codes with the free Palm Smart app, whose database contains thousands of products. Thanks for helping save the rainforest!
    ~The Orangutan Gang

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