Orangutan Caring Week at the Zoo

Yesterday, the Orangutan Gang visited Zoo Boise to raise awareness about Orangutan Caring Week and the palm oil issue. We handed out loads of flyers and stickers, educating families about what they could do to help save the rainforest.

caring week 2018 zoo pic 1
Pangaea Finn, founder of the Orangutan Gang, educating a family of zoo-goers about the palm oil issue. Image credit: Sean F

Orangutan Caring Week ended yesterday, but you can still show the rainforest that you care by making sustainable choices in the grocery store and checking the ingredients on products you purchase regularly. You can make a difference, even if it seems that your voice won’t have any effect.

If you learned about the palm oil issue at Zoo Boise yesterday, thank you for following through and showing that you care about the destruction of rainforest. The rainforest needs committed people to step forward and take initiative, and you can take that initiative this week at the market.

Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~The Orangutan Gang

Rainforest Friendly Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, you can have a completely sustainable dinner table if you check all of the ingredients that go into preparation. Do you know what kind of cooking oil you’re using? Is there any Vitamin A Palmitate in your milk? The Orangutan Gang’s all-new Thanksgiving infographic discusses the common sources of unsustainability in a variety of Thanksgiving dishes, including basting, dinner rolls, stuffing, pie, and green bean casserole. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through the interactive infographic, powered by Prezi.

thanksgiving infographic background
Click to Begin

Thank you for saving the rainforest today, and happy Thanksgiving!

orangutan thanksgiving.jpg
Credit: Virginia Zoo

~The Orangutan Gang


Iceland Foods Takes Action

Earlier this year, Iceland Foods, a UK supermarket chain, released a video promising that its own products will be completely palm oil free by the end of 2018. This video, with a statement from managing director Richard Walker, explained the basics of the issue and showed Iceland’s passionate commitment to providing customers with palm oil free options.

And then, two days ago, Iceland released this beautiful animated video. Originally from Greenpeace, the video was banned from airing on TV because it was “directed toward a political end,” according to the British organization Clearcast, which pre-approves advertisements. Since when is rainforest destruction a political issue?

Change.org has initiated a petition to release the video on TV, which has been signed by over 500,000 people. Sign the petition today in order to spread the word and take action against rainforest destruction!

You can read more about Iceland’s decision here. Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~Rang-tan and the Orangutan Gang