Newsletter 2019.1

We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to announce that we have published our first newsletter, Issue 2019.1! This newsletter contains information about spreading the word, a few regular features, the latest news, and an exclusive interview with RAN‘s Forest Campaigner, Chelsea Matthews. To sign up to receive our newsletter, please check out our Newsletter page; to read this issue, click here!

~The Orangutan Gang


We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to announce that we have created a Petitions page! We will have various petitions up on this page, and each petition will change once we fill up our meter. This petition is focused on Service Systems Associates and how they could improve their accreditation. Help us save the rainforest and sign our petition here!

~The Orangutan Gang

2018 Profits & Rehabilitation Efforts

We are proud to announce that in 2018 the Orangutan Gang was able to raise over $415 for orangutan rehabilitation efforts. This is enough to help the Orangutan Foundation International fund the rehabilitation of one orphaned orangutan for almost three months. Everyone who helped us raise this funding, by purchasing merchandise or donating to the cause, has contributed to helping save some of our closest relatives at the Orangutan Care Center & Quarantine in Central Kalimantan Borneo. You have contributed to a better, healthier, and longer life for a young ex-captive orangutan.

But the Care Center & Quarantine is currently home to over three hundred orangutans. This year, you can consider donating or purchasing merchandise again to support the care and release of another orangutan in need. You may have noticed the donation meter on the right side of our website; as people donate or purchase merchandise, the meter will fill up. When it fills to the top, we will have raised enough to support the rehabilitation of one orphaned orangutan for a year. Help us raise funds to conquer the palm oil issue and return orangutans to their rightful home!

~Pangaea F

Founder, the Orangutan Gang

Love the Rainforest This Valentine’s Day

Would you choose a candy heart over an orangutan in danger? What about a box of fancy-looking chocolates? The truth is, palm oil is ubiquitous in Valentine’s Day candy, and it’s up to you to check the labels. Most all fancy chocolate brands use palm oil in everything, so sometimes a casual Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup selection or a bag of Crunch hearts will be the best for the rainforest. But other candies are getting in on the craze too; Oreo has just put out a new Valentine’s Day flavor, called Love, Oreo, and here at the Orangutan Gang we’re a bit confused. How does a candy that is one of the most well-known proponents of rainforest destruction put out a flavor entirely based on love? We’re not sure, but it sounds pretty contradictory.

Photo credit: Oreo; Edits by The Orangutan Gang

Be a label hero this Valentine’s Day and help save the rainforest! Your choices at the grocery store can mean the difference between survival and destruction for an animal or plant living in impacted areas. Show your love for the rainforest!

~The Orangutan Gang