New Online Lesson Plan!

We at the Orangutan Gang are proud to release a new, fully online lesson plan! This lesson plan allows teachers and students of all educational levels to learn safely and remotely in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers can mix and match from four activities which include fillable online worksheets, video-based forums, and an educational video about the palm oil issue. Students not only learn about orangutans and palm oil, but also find palm oil containing products around their home, participate in thoughtful online discussions, and plan their own conservation projects. The Teachers Guide for this new lesson plan can be found here.

Please spread the word around your community about our new lesson plan so students have the chance to learn about the palm oil issue. Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~The Orangutan Gang

Newsletter 2020.2

We are proud to announce the release of our fifth newsletter, Issue 2020.2! This issue’s theme is couch conservation, and includes information about making a difference without needing to sit up. You can also take on a rainforest challenge, meet Orangutan Supporter Kai, learn more about a featured product, catch up on the latest conservation news, and check out an interview with Madi Vorva, the co-leader of a successful eight-year campaign to remove palm oil from Girl Scout cookies. Sign up today to receive our newsletter via email.

Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

Endangered Species Day


Today is Endangered Species Day- a day to honor the many animals and plants losing their homes and lives to human development.

And this global pandemic has given us more of an idea of what it’s like to be an endangered species- to have to fight for our health and our homes while under attack. Like many endangered species, we don’t know when this force will strike our particular communities and make it difficult or impossible to live there.

So maybe this year we have more empathy for endangered species, now that we understand what kind of an impact such a crisis has on our society. And maybe we can apply that empathy to help endangered species.

Today, try to make a little step. Start thinking about an endangered animal that matters to you- maybe an animal that you’ve done something for in the past, maybe an animal that you just feel like you should help. Figure out something that you can do to help these animals- a social media post, a decision on your shopping list, or some small change to your lifestyle that makes an impact on the species you’re trying to help out.

Thank you for saving the planet today.

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

Missing Orangutan Mothers

Manisha, a rescued and rehabilitated orangutan, and her wild-born son Meteor.

Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday, and many of us will be honoring our mothers with cards and gifts. But some of us don’t have mothers to celebrate- including the hundreds of orphaned orangutans who live in care centers across Indonesia.

These orangutans often lose their mothers at a young age to hunters or poachers. The babies are then sold illegally as pets, where they are kept in harsh conditions without proper nourishment. Some of the babies are rescued by organizations like Orangutan Foundation International or Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and taught how to survive in the wild so they can eventually be released.

This Mothers Day, we wish to honor orangutan mothers in the annual Missing Orangutan Mothers (M.O.M.) event hosted by Orangutan Outreach. In addition to thanking your own mothers this Sunday, please take a few minutes to thank orangutan mothers as well- whether it’s a social media post, a conversation with a friend, or a second thought about your shopping list.

Orangutan mothers are dedicated parents, raising their children for eight to ten years. Without the support networks that human parents have, orangutan mothers parent by themselves, teaching their children everything about how to survive in the wild. Please take a few minutes on Sunday to honor them and their memory. Now that you’re quarantined at home, you have the time to dedicate a few minutes to conservation.

If you wish to donate to the Missing Orangutan Mothers campaign to benefit the rehabilitation program at Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, you can do so here.

Make sure to attend our talk at Athena’s on May 19!

~Pangaea Finn

Founder, The Orangutan Gang