October Updates: Halloween, Audubon Presentation, & Orangutan Caring Week Webinar

This Halloween, turn your attention to a real-life horror story: the candy that you’re buying is manufactured from the ashes of rainforest. When candy companies source unsustainable palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia, rainforests are destroyed in order to make room for palm oil plantations, fueling the ever-growing appetites of consumers across the globe. But you don’t have to contribute to the destruction- you can actually help save the rainforest this Halloween, using the Orangutan Gang’s helpful guide:

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On October 27, Orangutan Gang founder Pangaea Finn presented at the monthly meeting of the Golden Eagle Audubon Society. If you’d like to learn more about impacted birds and how you can make an impact, watch the recording at the link below.

This year’s Orangutan Caring Week will be from November 8-14. Orangutan Caring Week is an annual event held to recognize and take action against threats to orangutans and their rainforest habitat. In previous years, the Orangutan Gang has visited Zoo Boise to educate zoo-goers. This year, to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll be hosting an educational webinar on November 9 at 5:30 pm Pacific to educate attendees about orangutans, palm oil, and simple steps that you can take to help save the rainforest. Your support starts right now- simply share this post with a few friends and ask them to register for our webinar.

You can sign up for the webinar at this registration link. After you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the webinar.

Remember to share this link with your friends and to make sure that your Halloween choices are sustainable. Happy Orangutan Caring Week, and thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

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