Cinta’s Guide to Handwashing

Over the past several weeks, you’ve probably been hearing and reading a lot about proper handwashing methods. But who better to learn it from than an orangutan?

On Tuesday, this video was published on the Orangutan Jungle School Facebook page. In the video, Cinta (who you may recognize from the Orangutan Jungle School TV series) is washing her hands with water, splashing it across her hands before rubbing them together- and then applauding herself for her hygiene!

We can learn a lot from what Cinta has shown us- that orangutans may be impacted too. Scientific experts advise that gorillas are possibly susceptible to coronavirus-related complications, and orangutans may be as well. And, with human operations are shutting down across the globe, many nonprofits focused on saving orangutans, including the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, are closing offices and asking employees to work from home.

It might be hard to stay focused on conservation while you’re worried about the coronavirus crisis, but we encourage you to stay motivated. Use your time at home to learn more about orangutans or find palm oil free products you might like. Even if you’re staying in the house, working from home, you can still help save the rainforest!

~Pangaea Finn, Founder

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