Boo at the Zoo

The Orangutan Gang visited Zoo Boise yesterday to host an info station at Boo at the Zoo! Founder Pangaea Finn educated consumers about the palm oil issue and sustainable Halloween candy options. Boo at the Zoo is the most popular zoo event year-round and hosts thousands of visitors in costume.

boo 2019 1
Photo credit Sean Finn

Many different kinds of Halloween candy contain unsustainable, rainforest-destroying palm oil, including popular choices like Kit Kat and Snickers. If you’re planning to hand out Halloween candy his year, you can help save the rainforest by choosing and handing out sustainable, palm oil free candies like Crunch and chocolate M&M’s. You can also learn more about sustainable versus unsustainable Halloween candy on the Products Without Palm Oil website or through our newest Halloween infographic below.

halloween infographic background
Click to Begin

Thank you for saving the rainforest and have a green Halloween!

boo 2019 2
Photo credit Sean Finn

~Pangaea Finn, Founder and Director

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