Contact a Company Today!

So much of the palm oil problem rests on the unsustainable companies that use it as an ingredient in their products. One of the most important things that a conservationist can do is to contact those companies and pressure them to change their policies, improving their certification practices in order to decrease or eliminate related deforestation.

Contacting companies may sound hard, but the difficult part is not in writing a letter or making a phone call, but actually getting an environmentally aware response. In my experience contacting companies, even motivating letters may get automated replies or simply no response at all, as evidenced by the story of one Orangutan Supporter who contacted Whole Foods Market (right on page 2).

Even if you’re having difficulty composing a letter, we are happy to help. I’ve written a form letter which you can easily fill in the blanks of and send to a company that is not operating to sustainable standards. Copy from a PDF into a document or email, fill out, and then send, or print and mail, the result.

You can help save the rainforest right now. Click on the link, copy the text, and send to an unsustainable company.

~The Orangutan Gang

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