Orangutan Caring Week at the Zoo

Yesterday, the Orangutan Gang visited Zoo Boise to raise awareness about Orangutan Caring Week and the palm oil issue. We handed out loads of flyers and stickers, educating families about what they could do to help save the rainforest.

caring week 2018 zoo pic 1
Pangaea Finn, founder of the Orangutan Gang, educating a family of zoo-goers about the palm oil issue. Image credit: Sean F

Orangutan Caring Week ended yesterday, but you can still show the rainforest that you care by making sustainable choices in the grocery store and checking the ingredients on products you purchase regularly. You can make a difference, even if it seems that your voice won’t have any effect.

If you learned about the palm oil issue at Zoo Boise yesterday, thank you for following through and showing that you care about the destruction of rainforest. The rainforest needs committed people to step forward and take initiative, and you can take that initiative this week at the market.

Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~The Orangutan Gang

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