Sustainable Fright on Halloween Night

Are you excited for Halloween? Chances are, this scary yet sweet holiday means you’ll be scanning the shelves for your favorite candy in a couple of weeks. Did you know that Americans buy more than 300,000 tons of candy in the week before Halloween alone? You will undoubtedly contribute to that number, but you can make a difference by buying palm oil free.

Look for and avoid ingredients containing the letters “glyc,” “stear,” “palm,” or “olei”- these usually indicate derivatives or aliases of palm oil. In order to spread the word throughout your community, print and pass out our Halloween Handouts, handy 4-per-sheet postcards with all the information your neighbors need to know about palm oil. You can make a difference for orangutans and other rainforest-dwelling species this Halloween just by becoming an educated consumer.

In the video above, Pangaea Finn, our founder, describes the palm oil issue and what you can do to help this Halloween as she passes out Handouts on a popular trick-or-treating avenue in her hometown. Happy Halloween- and scare sustainably!

A orangutan swings trough his enclosure
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Thank you for saving the rainforest today!

~The Orangutan Gang

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