International Orangutan Day

Happy International Orangutan Day! Today is devoted to educating the general public about how to help save the orangutans and the tropical rainforest they call home. Today, you can help save the rainforest by trying to use and buy only palm oil free products. If you are visiting the market, check the labels on your choices, looking for anything containing “palm”, “stear”, “laur”, “cetyl”, or “olei”. Check also for cetearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Be a sustainable consumer today, because the rainforest is counting on you!

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~The Orangutan Gang

2 thoughts on “International Orangutan Day

  1. Hello Jane,

    Thank you for your concern. I would like to make it clear that we do not in any way endorse Nestle, as they are an extremely environmentally unconscious company. The Orangutan Gang is an independent organization that works without the help of any businesses, environmentally sustainable or not. Nestle, as far as I know, is not aware of the Orangutan Gang. I support you completely if you choose to avoid all Nestle products.

    The card itself also did not support Nestle. Although you may have inferred this from the fact that the card listed Crunch as a palm oil free candy, you will also notice that Kit Kat, also Nestle made, is listed on the card as a palm oil containing candy. I hope you will reconsider and support the Orangutan Gang as we are not affiliated with this destructive company in any way.

    Thank you,

    Pangaea F
    Founder, the Orangutan Gang

  2. jane winters

    I ust rec’d a card from the OreangutanjGang asking that I don’t pass out Halloween candy containing palm oil. That’s great info. However, the card also posted that Nestle products are okay to use. Might I remind you folks that Nestle is one of the prime users of Michigan water that could go to the people of Flint, Michigan. I don’t think so. And if Nestle is one of your contributors, shame on you for taking help from a company that profits from such a practice.

    Please investigate this abuse of human rights to clean water any other company that supports your project. It will invalidate your good intentions.

    I can’t give support as much as I love all animals and hate the destruction of the rainforests .
    The political greed is infiltrating so much of our lives and I can’t contribute to one company’s profit
    at the expense of a green planet.

    Thank you.
    Jane M Winters

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