A Rainforest Fourth

Happy Fourth of July! As you purchase ketchup, hot dogs, and graham crackers, the Orangutan Gang is here to remind you that celebrating Independence Day doesn’t have to mean destroying orangutan habitat. So check your ingredients and scan your barcodes to save the rainforest on this national holiday, and spread the word at your cookout with printable Orangutan Gang Flyers.

As always, downloading the free PalmSmart app and barcode scanner can check products for palm oil and give a sustainability grade based on manufacturer and product familiarity. It’s just as easy to check ingredients; some common aliases and derivatives of palm oil include palm kernel oil, palmitate, palmate, palm kernelitate, palm kernelate, vitamin D palmitate, sodium laureth sulfate, and stearic acid.

Thank you for saving the rainforest on Independence Day!

~The Orangutan Gang

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