Spreading the Word: Conservation in the City

The Boise Conservation in the City event, which is a gathering of conservation groups that took place today in Kathyrn Albertson Park, hosted many societies that have made names for themselves by their own environmental efforts. At the event, the booths that I visited included Golden Eagle Audubon Society, The Peregrine Fund, Boise Urban Garden School, SUEZ Water, and Zoo Boise.

Toting my flyer bag and my mascot, Bert, I found an unoccupied stone bench across the sidewalk from the Zoo Boise stall. Using a SUEZ pen and the back of a BUGS flyer, I made a booth sign and ‘hung’ it from my rock with a fold and a pile of business cards. I used yet more cards to prop up Bert and placed my last two flyers out on the bench without folding them so that visitors could see all the information. My ‘booth’ was quite successful and I’d like to thank everybody who stopped by my stall and website for playing such an active role in conservation. Keep at it, everyone!

~The Orangutan Gang

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