The Orangutan Gang at Zoo Boise!

OG at the Zoo and People

Interested in spreading the word, last month I contacted Rena Ashton, Zoo Boise Educational Director, to ask about alerting zoo visitors to the palm oil issue and advising them of what they could do to help.

I presented information about orangutans, the Bornean rainforest, and palm oil demand at Zoo Boise. I was set up at a small table near Gibbon Alley, a wired-in bridge between the primate house and the gibbon cage. As I presented to the people walking out of the primate house, gibbons swung by through the passage and some even stopped to take a look.

My intent was to inform people about the palm oil issue. Although some people were not interested, many more were curious about the issue and motivated to change their habits.  I spread the word through Orangutan Gang Flyers and presented information on poster boards as I explained the issue to curious zoo visitors. I also brought a group of alternative products such as Town House Crackers, whole milk, Endangered Species products, and Fructis shampoo, as well as bringing Bert, a stuffed animal orangutan.

Overall, I handed out around 100 flyers and inspired even more people to help save the rainforest. Many people were interested in helping and some seemed eager to save orangutans. I hope these people will inform others and spread the word throughout Boise and beyond.

Thank you for playing an active role in the fight for conservation!

OG at the Zoo

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